Winform Design was established in Nanjing, China in 1993, and was registered as Winform Design & Consulting International Limited in New Zealand in 2000. In the past decades Winform has completed a broad  range of projects for both the public and private sectors and received a lot of local and international awards.Winform provides comprehensive architecture and design services, including interior design , landscape design and architecture  design.Winform is holding the Certificate of 1st Class Design Qualification authorized by the State Construction Ministry with the No. A132007242.

 Winform Design designer Mr. James Wu engaged in professional design for 30 years, had obtained a master degree in architecture at Southeast University and the University of Victoria in New Zealand, organized and participated in many domestic large-scale project design work, continuous access to important awards, was named "national 100 excellent indoor architect ", and " 1989 to 2009 Chinese architectural interior design excellence the designer " title. After leading the Wanfang design team for a large number of design practice at the same time, he has always attached importance to the research and analysis of theory, have published papers and notes. He also served as the editor of ID+C magazine and Jiangsu survey and Design Association of interior design branch assistant director committee member.